LETTER: Tenney picks cable news appearance over constituents

To the Editor:

Vulnerable Representative Claudia Tenney has no shortage of excuses for why she can’t hold a live town hall with her constituents. They range from false claims that her constituents nothing more than “paid protesters,” to her most recent excuse that she’s just too busy and won’t be able to schedule a town hall until the summer.

But while Tenney is too busy to meet with her constituents during her district work period, she somehow managed to find ample time to jet down to New York City for an in-studio TV appearance on Fox Business News.

Rep. Tenney has claimed that she can’t meet with her constituents until the summer, but she somehow found time to jet down to New York City for an appearance on cable news. Tenney chose publicity and raising her personal profile over meeting with her own constituents. Sometimes the swamp drains you.

Evan Lukaske, DCCC Spokesman

2 comments to LETTER: Tenney picks cable news appearance over constituents

  • Karen E.

    Rep. Tenney claimed in that Fox News interview that she met with constituents over the weekend and they “want the wall” for border security. Exactly which constituents did she meet with? She snuck past a group of 125 people silently protesting outside the “Deplora-ball” Fundraising Dinner in New Hartford. I can guarantee that not one of those people “want the wall”, not that she bothered to find out what they wanted. So, it must mean she only listens to those who PAY her to listen.

  • Patricia Albaugh

    She probably let the people at the Deplora-ball touch her pen and they said oh yeah, sure, whatever you say. She is always taking about “the American people” want this and that…don’t put ME in your group of “American people”…talk to us and find out what we want!!

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