Local action group sends second request for evidence of paid protesters to Claudia Tenney

Madison Chenango Call to Action, a nonpartisan group of Congressional District 22 citizens who are concerned with the extreme agenda of Donald Trump, has asked Representative Claudia Tenney for a second time, to provide evidence for her claim that her work is being disrupted by “paid protesters.”

In March, we sent Ms. Tenney a letter asking her to provide evidence to back up her claim that paid protesters or disrupters are interfering with her efforts to help her constituents. To date, we have had no reply, although Ms. Tenney continues to refer to these paid protesters in interviews regarding her reluctance to hold in-person town hall meetings.

This claim of payment to people who disagree with Ms. Tenney’s view and votes has been adopted by many who follow her on social media, so that requests on her Facebook page for in-person town halls are met with accusations by other followers that those who make these requests must be “paid,”’ or are “working for George Soros.”

Needless to say, this does not make for productive political discourse. Until Ms. Tenney can provide some concrete evidence of the payments made, or the person making those payments, she is merely contributing to the grievous divide between voters in her district.

Following is the full text of the second request for evidence of payment to those who protest Ms. Tenney’s views:

Dear Ms. Tenney,

In March our group, Madison Chenango Call to Action, a nonpartisan group of District 22 citizens concerned with Trump’s extreme agenda, sent you a letter requesting that you provide evidence to support your claims that paid protesters or “disrupters” are keeping you from being able to help your constituents. We requested that you provide us with evidence of who is paying these protesters, how they are being paid and how arrangements are made with respect to where and when they protest and how much they will be paid each time. To date, we have not heard back from you. So, we are respectfully requesting,once again, that you provide the information we request.

Please feel free to detail,as well, how these protesters have kept you from helping your constituents as, judging from your Facebook posts, you seem quite satisfied with your performance thus far. An explanation of this apparent contradiction would be enlightening.

Sincerely, Lisa Oristian, Madison Chenango Call to Action Group

1 comment to Local action group sends second request for evidence of paid protesters to Claudia Tenney

  • Lisa

    as with the rest of her party, she is a coward hiding behind lies, who follows in the POTUS footsteps, if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance (they can’t) baffle them with BS.

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