“Othello” opens this weekend

Our annual Shakespearian production is back. We proudly present the tale of William Shakespeare’s Othello. Against all customs, Othello and Desdemona fall in love; however Iago, jilted over Othello’s rise to power, unleashes his revenge by ensnaring Othello’s friend Cassio and duping the witless Rodrigo. The tale of Othello and his ill-fated love to Desdemona will be told in an updated unique setting.

Fridays and Saturdays $20; Thursdays and Sundays $17

Othello runs May 12-20.  Performances on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays begin at 8 pm. Performances on Sundays begin at 2 pm.

Cast & Crew 

  • Janitor/Othello:  James Sanders
  • Patient/Iago:  Dan Rowlands
  • Desdemona: Kristina Rusho
  • Psychiatrist/Cassio: Trevor Hill
  • Nurse/Emelia: Lynn Barbato King
  • Nurse/Bianca: Kimberly Grader/Alyssa Otoski
  • Orderly/Duke of Venice: Samuel Tamburo
  • Orderly/Gratiano: Robert Phillips
  • Patient/Roderigo: Justin Polly
  • Patient/Brabantio: William Edward White
  • Patient/Lodovicio: John Brackett
  • Patient/Montano: Mike King
  • Patient/Senator/various: Christopher Best
  • Director:Alan Stillman
  • Stage Manager: Rachel Briscoe
  • Producers: Steve and Crystal Rowlands
  • Costume Design: Kate Kisselstein
  • Set Design: Alan Stillman & Chris Lupia
  • Sound Design: Alan Stillman & Robert G. Searle
  • Light Design: William Edward White

Call or text 315-885-8960 or email rsvp@cnyplayhouse.org to reserve tickets, or purchase at cnyplayhouse.org.

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