LETTER: Rogers Center thanks volunteers, recruiting more

To the Editor:

Rogers Environmental Education Center had a successful Earth Fest considering the unseasonable weather Sunday, May 7. As the coordinator of volunteers for the event, I’d like to thank all of the people who stepped up and helped make this program successful.

A special shout-out to those who spent a good part of the afternoon outside directing parking, greeting visitors, and handing out free tree seedlings.

I know these were cold jobs, though I’m sure our visitors appreciated your help. I sure did!

Since 2011, when Friends of Rogers saved the Rogers Environmental Education Center from closing, we have relied on generous volunteers to support our activities, allowing this vital resource to be preserved.

If you would like to volunteer at future events, email info@friendsofrogers with your name and contact information. Then, put the dates of our upcoming events on your calendar and watch for an email from us about volunteering. We will be needing volunteers for our Wild Goose Chase Sept. 17 and Animals of Halloween Oct. 21.

Thank you!

See you at Rogers Center sometime soon.

Carol Smith, Friends of Rogers Board Member and event volunteer coordinator

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