Tenney calls on Trump to hold Canada to trade commitments

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Tenney Signs Bipartisan Letter Calling on the Administration to fight for Dairy Farmers, Stop Disruption to Global Dairy Market

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) called on President Trump to hold Canada to its trade commitments by enforcing current law and opposing Canadian dairy protectionist policies. In a bipartisan letter to the Trump Administration, nearly 70 Members of Congress called on the administration to advocate for our nation’s dairy industry.

Until recently, Canada used a five-class milk pricing system; however in April, Canada revised its milk classification system, which has led to changes in the dairy market that have disproportionately hurt our farmers. The Ontario Class 6 program, implemented in April 2016, and most recently the Class 7 National Ingredients Strategy, will continue to harm U.S. dairy.

“Canada’s recent dairy reclassification is concerning and must be addressed, as the dramatic impact has hurt our local dairy farmers in upstate New York especially hard. As the number one industry in New York State, agriculture is a critically important, driving force behind our economy in the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier. In an already fragile market, our dairy farmers in Upstate cannot afford the continuation of these policies, which will continue to harm our ability to manufacture and export our dairy products.

Unfair trade deals have disadvantaged American workers for far too long. It’s time that we hold our trading partners accountable for their actions, especially in this case where the consequences equal lost jobs and closed farms. When given an even playing field our farmers can produce and sell the highest quality dairy in the world. I urge the administration to defend our dairy farmers and hold Canada accountable,” said Tenney.

Rep. Tenney also applauded Trump’s executive order signed earlier this week, directing the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture to conduct a review to identify and eliminate unnecessary regulations that have put undue burdens on our farmers and rural communities.

“Overregulation has stifled innovation, growth and opportunity for our family farmers in upstate New York and rural areas across the country,” said Tenney. “Compared to large commercial farms, family farms lack the resources necessary to comply with these complex regulations. In New York, nearly 98 percent of farms are family owned. Costly regulations only hurt our family farmers and the local communities that rely on them. I applaud President Trump’s action to begin the process of providing real relief to our upstate family farmers, who produce some of the highest quality goods in the nation.”

The 22nd District is home to a large number of family farms. In fact, a recent report from the State Comptroller’s office noted that the Southern Tier is home to over 6,600 farms, the largest number in the entire state. With an economic impact of over $37.6 billion, New York State agriculture is an industry that will only grow if given an even playing field.

Read the letter here: tenney.house.gov/media/press-releases/congresswoman-claudia-tenney-calls-president-trump-hold-canada-trade.

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