Brindisi addresses Madison-Chenango Call to Action

A standing-room-only crowd of approximately 90 people overflowed from the parlor at the Colgate Inn Wednesday, Aug. 30, to hear Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, NY22 congressional candidate.

Chris Rossi, a member of the steering committee of Madison-Chenango Call to Action, introduced the meeting by reading the group’s mission statement, which stresses its nonpartisan and nonviolent orientation.

Brindisi was introduced by John Lipe, who grew up in Brindisi’s 119th Assembly District. Lipe recalled the moderate Republican leadership provided to our congressional district by previous Republican representatives as reason to support Brindisi, who is challenging a strongly conservative current incumbent. Lipe stressed that during Brindisi’s six years in the state Assembly, as well as in earlier service on the Utica Board of Education, he proved his bipartisan effectiveness.

Brindisi said he had considered running for Congress in 2016 but it did not seem the right time. Now, however, after much soul-searching, he has remembered the advice of the sisters who raised him after his mother died: when circumstances call on you, you have to step up.

In response to questions, Brindisi’s explained his views about climate change, funding for the arts, humanities and scientific research, campaign finance, gun violence, the investigation into Russian interference in U.S. elections and the need to create jobs in the region.

About jobs, he urged businesses as well as government to look at the need to improve our infrastructure and to provide training, since manufacturing firms cannot find people with the right skills. Brindisi vowed to have regular town meetings in each county of the 22nd District if elected to represent its citizens in 2018.

Following the discussion, the Madison-Chenango Call to Action held its regular meeting. See more information at 

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