Shineman Foundation awards grant for ARISE ramp efforts

The Richard S. Shineman Foundation awarded a grant to ARISE in Oswego County to purchase additional aluminum ramps to be used for members of our community in need.

Our aluminum ramp program allows us to bring people home from nursing homes, provide quality end
of life for Hospice patients, and it allows us to provide a quick fix for those that find themselves in
desperate need of a ramp. The aluminum ramp program is often just a temporary fix that gives us time
to plan out, schedule, and put together a crew to build a long-term use wooden ramp for those that
have a need for a ramp longer than a few months.

“Members of our community sometimes find themselves in need of a ramp to come and go from their home,” says Sabine Ingerson, director of ARISE in Oswego. “Without a ramp, people are sometimes forced to go into a nursing home or other facility or cannot come home from those facilities. Support from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation has made it possible for us to purchase additional aluminum ramps that we can install quickly when someone makes a request. We want our neighbors to be able to live independently in their homes.”

The ARISE Ramp Program in Oswego County receives no government funding. Utilizing volunteers, and with support from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation, businesses, civic groups, and individuals, ARISE provides ramps for Oswego County residents who cannot afford them. This year we have completes more than 30 ramps, both wooden and aluminum, thanks to our generous supporters and volunteers. For more information on how to become involved, contact Jim Karasek, manager of ARISE Independent Living Services in Oswego, (315) 342-4088 ext. 206 or

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