WRHA: Meet Ralph

The ASPCA estimates that approximately 3.3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year, where they sit waiting to be adopted into a loving home. We are encouraging animal lovers to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month by adopting a dog from Wanderers Rest Humane Association in Canastota. We’re asking everyone to come #FindYourFido!

Meet Ralph! A 3 year old Newfoundland/mix. He’s a BIG boy with an even BIGGER heart. He’s a little scared of new people, but once he knows you are nice, he’s a BIG bear! He needs a good-size yard to run around in. He’s very playful and loves tennis balls. He also likes being brushed. Share with your friends and come in to Wanderers Rest and see Ralph! (315) 697-2796.

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