Brindisi issues statement on drinking water

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi issued the following statement, following Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement that he is awarding nearly $11 million in grant funding for drinking water and water infrastructure projects in the 119th Assembly District for the cities of Rome ($6,527,200) and Utica ($677,500); the village of Frankfort ($1,550,000); and for the Mohawk Valley Water Authority ($2,212,200):

“Clean drinking water is an absolute necessity for the health and well-being of Mohawk Valley residents.  If our area is to continue moving forward economically, we must continue to invest in projects to improve water quality.  I was a strong supporter of New York’s Water Infrastructure Improvement Act, and I want to thank Governor Cuomo for recognizing how important these projects are to residents of the Mohawk Valley.”

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