LETTER: Vote for Ann Jones for clerk

To the Editor:

For 30-plus years, I have watched Ann Jones hone her education and experience in preparation of becoming the only candidate for the Office of Madison County Clerk with the qualifications, motivation, innovation and temperament to successfully hold this position. Some of that preparation includes:

Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in public administration, which she earned while working full time and raising her two boys.

Her work experience includes the fields of education, human resource management and Madison County Board of Elections deputy commissioner.

Her commitment to community includes service on the boards for Community Action Partnership, BRiDGES Madison County Council on Alcohol and Addictions, Fenner Renewable Energy Education Center and the League of Women Voters.

In the course of her paid and volunteer experience, she has been responsible for budget development, implementation and management; customer service training and application; and learning and applying the codes, rules, regulations and laws that have governed those diverse work and volunteer commitments.

Ann Jones has the vision and skill set necessary to take this office into the future: expanding online presence, applying best practices and ensuring that public records are timely filed and efficiently retrieved.

Ann gives 110 percent to everything she does. Her ability to balance home, work and community service is unparalleled. I witnessed this firsthand when she managed to maintain her work and other commitments while undertaking the burden of caring for me after my injury and lengthy recovery.

For 36 years, through good times and bad, I have been the lucky beneficiary of Ann’s support and encouragement.

I strongly encourage you to vote for my wife, Ann Jones, Nov. 7.

Scott Jones, Fenner

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