LETTER: Ann Jones for County Clerk

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Ann Jones for Madison County Clerk. I have known Ann for decades and admire her honesty, integrity and community service, as well as her impressive array of skills, both quantitative and interpersonal.

She will be an asset to the Clerk’s office.

We need leaders focused on service, not on self-promotion. To that point, I was disappointed in the dismissive tone and misleading content of recent advertising by her opponent.

The facts are these: Ann Jones managed 120 people over a period of six years while employed as a human resources manager in a retail establishment. In 2001, Ann received “Associate of the Year” for having the lowest employee turnover. The economics of employee turnover reflects in high cost for the employer; this is just one way to save money. Ann Jones has the strong skill set needed for working with and supporting staff.

Ann Jones is adept at financial management, through her employment history in the private sector, as well as her service on boards of directors of non-profit organizations. She studied economics as an undergraduate and graduate student and tutored others on the subject.

Ann Jones is and has been a fiscal conservative, both in her home, at work and within the agencies she has served. Like all of Madison County, she pays taxes and expects sensible spending. While seated on the committee for health care for Madison County, Ann evaluated and delivered the different health care choices for the municipality. Ann Jones has experience in delivering the best services for the best prices.

Please join me in voting for Ann Jones. Facts do matter, and we need leaders with the integrity to work hard for all of Madison County.

Elizabeth C. Moran, Cazenovia

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