Tenney co-sponsors, votes to pass resolution mandating anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training for Congress, House

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Today, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) released the following statement on the passage of H. Res. 630, which would require all members of the House of Representatives, employees, interns and fellows to complete mandatory anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training:

“While only a first step, it’s far past time that the unethical and harmful behavior plaguing the halls of Congress is addressed. As a member of the State Assembly, I stood nearly alone in calling for the resignation of corrupt former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in 2012 after it was found he was using taxpayer dollars to cover-up allegations of sexual assault by another Assembly member. Politicians in Albany swept these allegations and payments under the rug and overwhelmingly re-elected Sheldon Silver speaker of the Assembly in 2013. I fought tirelessly against the cover-up culture in New York State, and I’ll continue to be unrelenting force against this same cover-up culture in Congress. This resolution will ensure that Congressmembers and staff alike are aware of, and are trained on, the rules of conduct in the House and held responsible for their actions. As public servants, it is imperative that all working in the halls of Congress are held to the highest ethical standards.”

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