Brindisi: Creative, varied plan made the Mohawk Valley a ‘Top Performer’ in the REDC Awards

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi issued the following statement, reacting to news that the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council has been named a ‘top performer’ in the 2017 Regional Economic Development Council, and will be awarded $85.5 million dollars in state grants, tax credits, and additional resources:

“This winning plan demonstrates what teamwork and collaboration can accomplish.  The Mohawk Valley REDC, co-chaired by Larry Gilroy and Dusty Swanger have developed a winning blueprint for the region that builds on our successes in manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and high tech industries, working together with partners from a variety of fields.  The Mohawk Valley is a diverse region, and this team has identified vital projects that take advantage of this and will accelerate our economic growth, bringing together industry, educational institutions, and government.  Congratulations to all who contributed to this great win for the Mohawk Valley!”

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