Part two of Ridlon exhibition opens at Cazenovia Public Library

The Cazenovia Public Library would like to thank the Cazenovia community for its generous support of the Jim Ridlon fundraising exhibition, which opened at the Library on December 1 and runs through the end of February. The show has been so successful Ridlon will be supplementing a variety of small assemblages and other paintings to the group of small landscape paintings that remain in the gallery. The additional works will be on view beginning January 1, 2018.

“I am so pleased these landscape paintings have resonated with the Cazenovia community,” Ridlon says. “I hope they will find the small assemblages and other new works as engaging.”

Assemblage, which is a three-dimensional collage, is a medium for which Ridlon has achieved an international reputation.  He has exhibited his assemblages in a variety of museums across the country, and been commissioned by corporations such as Disney, Marine Midland Bank, ABC, and Syracuse University to create assemblages that commemorate specific events. The assemblages on view at the Cazenovia Public Library are small, intimate pieces reflecting sorrow, joy, and humor.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each work will benefit the Cazenovia Public Library.

“We are so grateful for Jim’s generosity,” Betsy Kennedy, Executive Director of the Cazenovia Public Library states. “This has been a wonderful opportunity for the community to admire and appreciate his amazing work. His paintings adorn many, many more households. We look forward to sharing his assemblages.”

For further information, contact the Library at 315-655-9322.

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