Madison County Democratic Committee endorses Brindisi for Congress

Anthony Brindisi addresses the Madison County Democratic Committee at the Colgate Inn. Photo courtesy Bruce Moseley

Madison County Democratic Committee Endorses Brindisi for Congress

Submitted by Wanda Warren Berry

On Jan. 27, 2018, the Madison County Democratic Committee unanimously endorsed Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi as its candidate for New York’s 22nd Congressional District. The meeting at the Colgate Inn in Hamilton was opened by Committee Chair Michael Oot who introduced Brindisi after welcoming new members of the Committee and introducing Melissa Stearns, candidate for the Supreme Court. Oot noted Brindisi’s five years in the State Assembly as well as his earlier service on the Utica
School Board.

Brindisi addressed the crowded meeting and answered questions from the floor. He presented his intention to take back the district in order “to stop the hard right agenda” that has been “rubber-stamped” by its current representative in Congress. Responding to questions, Brindisi said he would work toward improved access to health care and toward educational opportunities oriented toward employability. When asked, he said that he is “100 percent pro-choice” and committed to equal pay, workplace equality, and civil rights for all. When Brindisi was asked about agricultural policy, an audience member noted that Brindisi has been named to the “Circle of Friends” by the Farm Bureau. Brindisi himself spoke of agriculture’s need for constructive immigration policies that respond to the need for farm labor. He urged framers of policies to notice Utica’s thirty years of experience with refugees contributing to urban renewal and population growth.

Answering a question about the opioid crisis, Brindisi urged expansion of drug treatment and education as well as criminal justice reform. When asked about his messages to the Binghamton area as well as to Utica, he remarked that the problems in the regions are not that different. He noted that environmental issues are of particular concern in the southern tier due to increased flooding correlated with climate change.

After the question period, Democratic Committeewoman Christine Sears moved the enthusiastic endorsement and it was followed by a standing ovation for Assemblyman Brindisi.

Michael Oot said the Madison County Democratic Committee had intended to be the second county to endorse Brindisi before weather forced a two-week postponement of this meeting. The 22nd Congressional District includes all of Madison, Chenango, Cortland and Oneida counties, as well as parts of Broome, Herkimer, Oswego and Tioga counties; other county committee endorsements are forthcoming.

Wanda Warren Berry is Publicity and Website Committee Chairwoman.

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