Markowski named Legionnaire of the Year

Pictured above is the Commander of Cazenovia American Legion Post 88 Richard Benner (center) presenting the 2018 Legionnaire of the Year Award Certificate to Post member Kevin Markowski with Post 88 Vice Commanders Chuck Amos (left) and Al Keilen (right) joining the celebration. Photo courtesy Gissin Photography

Markowski named Legionnaire of the Year

Commander Richard J. Benner of the Cazenovia American Legion Post 88 announced that Kevin Markowski is Post 88’s Legionnaire of the Year and candidate for the Department of New York’s Legionnaire of the Year Award for 2018. Each American Legion Post in New York State, as well as in other States, submit a resume on their candidate to their County judges who decide which candidates will be evaluated by their District and finally by their State for this National Award.

Recognition is given to the successful candidates as they proceed along this evaluation path to the National American Legionnaire of the Year Award.

“Kevin is well positioned in this competition as he has a wonderful sense of dedication as he goes about doing good for the Legion and the community,” said Benner. “He has a focus that if he sees something that needs to be done, he will always lend a helping hand. We are fortunate to have him as a member along with his management and leadership skills as chairman of various committees and fund raising events.”

The community was a beneficiary of Kevin’s service, dedication, leadership and bravery while he was an eighteen year member of the Erieville Fire Department serving in multiple positions within the officer ranks and being Fire Chief for four years.

Kevin was a member of the United States Army Infantry and served on active duty from 1981-1984 during the Lebanon/Granada era. Weapons qualification included the M16 rifle, the M60 machine gun and the M47 Dragon. During this time of service, at the Schofield Barracks, he graduated from the Primary Non Commission Officer School Kevin lives in Erieville with his wife Amy. Their children are busy building their careers in various disciplines.

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