Brindisi: Help Restore Net Neutrality

Brindisi at Best Buy

Brindisi is pictured discussing issues affecting Internet users last year outside Best Buy in New Hartford.

Brindisi: Help Restore Net Neutrality

Recently supporters of Net Neutrality joined me at the ThINCubator in Utica, where I announced my sponsorship of legislation to require Internet Service Providers to follow Net Neutrality guidelines in order to receive contracts from state and local governments and school districts.
The bill was introduced following the FCC’s decision last December to end Net Neutrality.
This means ISP’s can now slow down or speed-up Internet traffic to certain websites, and prioritize the websites showing up in searches.

I am sponsoring an online petition in support of restoring Net Neutrality.  If you’d like to sign it, simply click on the link, and you’ll be directed to the petition.

Sign the Net Neutrality Petition

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