Brindisi: Some recent #nohospitaldowntown social media posts offensive to many in the Mohawk Valley

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

Brindisi: Some recent #nohospitaldowntown social media posts offensive to many in the Mohawk Valley

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi recently issued the following statement regarding recent social media memes and posts made by the group #NoHospitalDowntown:

“In recent days, postings on social media by the group #NoHospitalDowntown have taken an ugly turn. Some of the memes and comments posted on the page have gone far beyond arguments against the downtown hospital plan and instead have veered toward remarks that disparage people because of their ethnicity or sexual preference. This goes against what the Mohawk Valley is nationally known for–welcoming people from many different backgrounds.

“As an elected official, I understand that not everyone is going to agree with me or like me and that I might be the subject of satire or ridicule, but when that ridicule becomes images and phrases that are hurtful and demeaning to many of the people who live here, I take offense. For many years, humor has been an effective way to win an argument, but some of what I have seen posted on the #NoHospitalDowntown Facebook page in recent days is not funny: it is offensive and reflects poorly on our area.

“I have met with and talked to members of #NoHospitalDowntown, and I will continue to do so. While I acknowledge that these recent postings do not reflect the sentiments of everyone in the group, ultimately, responsibility for what is publicly posted on social media rests with its leadership, Jim Brock and Brett Truett. I would respectfully ask them to disavow this recent behavior, and to exert more control over the messages it sends to the public—or find a responsible party who has the time to monitor the items that it posts online.”

9 comments to Brindisi: Some recent #nohospitaldowntown social media posts offensive to many in the Mohawk Valley

  • Mark C.

    Never vote for this conniving back stabbing anti business guy. He’s not a nice guy and should resign after he called his constituents idiots and to get out of his way bring higher taxes to Oneida County and most of all Utica residents. The hatchef plan by him and his associates is certainly a black eye for us. He’s a liar, secretive, deceptive and abuses his power for personal gain, stifling downtown Utica progress for ovrr 4 years to fill the pockets of his cronies. Never trust a bully.

  • Dean Cassidy

    Why not let the voters decide instead of your shove it down their throats attitude. Your political career depends on it, we will not forget this at election time.

  • Why don’t you and the County Executive share your E-mails with the OD and WKTV. They are an interesting read and could further the journalism careers of many. As a Registered Nurse that actually cares about healthcare in this area, I find this hospital downtown concept disgusting. No pediatric unit, no advanced speciialties whatsoever. I certainly hope my loved ones don’t become gravely I’ll in this area! Funny how healthcare isn’t even discussed in this disastrous fiasco. Lots of talk about a casino and a big parking garage though. People are listening. Some, finally, for the first time. I know my eyes have been opened wide. I used to be a Democrat. Funny how the Republican Picente changed my mind. It is laughable if it wasn’t such a tragedy. Yes, I will be voting

  • Heath Phillips

    This coming from a guy who called his constituents idiots in a email. Called someone a [expletive deleted] and called a 11 yr old and the person wife liars. This very same person who calls people Nazis, supremacist etc. So, he can say rotten things, be a bully but cries when it’s said against him = crybaby

  • I know this will not be shared because I mentioned the actual word of healthcare. Though, I don’t agree with some of the memes myself, I certainly understand the lashing out and disgust. In case you haven’t noticed, this is the “new” Utica feeling. But, no, you would not know that because there was no public input. That is why the No Hospital Downtown site was created in the first place.

  • Ray Jadwick

    Mr. Brindisi’s self serving comments are as ridiculous as he is corrupt. His leadership role in the Utica downtown hospital scandal speaks for itself. As does his 2015 e-mail, where he refers to his constituents as “idiots.” He is not worthy of holding any public office whatsoever.

  • You are no match for Brett Truett, Brindisi. I, and many others, laugh at you. You are nothing but a lying, pathetic joke

  • Ron Klopfanstein

    It’s surprising that there are people who oppose a $300 million investment in their city. But what’s really disappointing is the depths they will go to demean elected officials who have an opinion that differs from theirs.

    Even if the anti-progress group had good points they have lost them behind racist and homophobic memes and imagery. I understand that sort of thing attracts Tenney supporters, and that’s the saddest part of all. The bigotry they are spreading is infesting our local politics and making it ugly and vile. I wish No Hospital Downtown would at least clean up their act and learn to debate issues with civility.

  • Mark C.

    I use to be a builder and on a seven story building just half the size we used 110,000 yards of concrete just for the foundation. I also helped build a five story hospital hospital and it put three contractors out of business and one who I never got my last pay checks. Any plans or costs they have today if there plans started four years ago would be 20% higher by 2020 just due to inflation. The MVHS hospital is a DOOMS DAY PROJECT for the City of Utica. Plus, the over flow and the amount of water flowing into one area of the Mohawk River will also cause major flooding into the Harbor they want to develope. Nobody is thinking. This project simply is not feasible or wise. Now on top of that a Sports Complex, Casino and Beer Museum there is simply not enough capacity in the Mohawk River for all this water during heavy rain and results will be devastating.YOU CAN’T HAVE A DEBATE WHEN THIS PROJECT WAS DONE IN BACKROOMS IN SECRET WITH NO PUBLIC INPUT. ONEIDA COUNTY AND UTICA CORRUPTION AT IT’S FINEST. STEALING 40 BUSINESSES AND BUILDING A HOSPITAL LAYING OFF HUNDREDS IS NOT PROGRESS. UTICA RESIDENTS TO PAY DEARLY AS TAXES RISE TO UNPRESIDENTED LEVELS.

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