Canastota Churches strive for unity and visibility

People gathered recently at ZEMS community room for the local 2018 National Day of Prayer.

Canastota Churches strive for unity and visibility

By holding Canastota’s National Day of Prayer observance at ZEMS Ice Cream Parlor earlier this month, and by marching together in the Boxing Hall of Fame Parade every year, the Canastota Area Association of Churches is achieving one of its long-time goals, according to CAAC Chairman of Communications Scott Trefz, becoming the visible church.

“The Christian Church as a whole is highly relevant in the area,” Trefz states. “By feeding the hungry at two food pantries and the Loaves & Fishes Hospitality Center every month for years now, supporting an active jail ministry in Wampsville, raising funds for our local fire and ambulance corps and sending an annual medical mission team to Nicaragua we’re doing a lot to fulfill Jesus’ commandments. A lot of what we do is done quietly and behind the scenes … we don’t want any special credit for doing what we should be doing.

“But when we’re out in the community, showing up to bring glory to God, well, that gives visibility to the church. Events like the parade show everyone we’re really together, and we’re always astounded at the cheers we get as we pass by with our banners- it’s very gratifying, given all the everyday work we do throughout the year. We just want Canastota to know we’re ‘in your corner,’ and you’re welcome at any of our services and special events.”

The Association of Churches will be making its fourth appearance in the BHOF Parade June 10.

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