House Passes Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act

Rep. Claudia Tenney

House Passes Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) announced the passage of H.R. 3249, Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act. This bill permits the attorney general to authorize a block grant program called the “Project Safe Neighborhoods Block Grant Program” for the purpose of combating violent gang crimes. It would facilitate partnerships between federal, state and local agencies, including the United States Attorney in each federal judicial district.

Establishing local control of these grants ensures local law enforcement has the ability to allocate funds to regional task forces to address the unique needs of areas with increases in criminal activity caused by gangs, she said.

“Violent gang activity committed by groups like MS-13 are on the rise in New York state,” Tenney said. “This important legislation will ensure local law enforcement officers have the resources needed to prevent and combat these heinous activities. Regional Task Forces are critical in the fight against gang violence, and this grant program will help steer federal funding toward New York’s five task forces that pursue violent gangs and bring their members to justice.”

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