Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

Brindisi secures funds for two quality of life initiatives in the village of Whitesboro

Funding supports renovation of the historic old Town Hall Building, as well as safety and accessibility improvements to the Flagg Street playground and Grove Place Little League facility

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced he has secured two grants for $125,000 each for projects to improve the quality of life of residents of Whitesboro.

Brindisi says he has secured $125,000 for the village’s project to renovate the Old Town Hall Building, which was completed in 1807, and which served for nearly 50 years as an Oneida County Court House, before the county courts were moved to Utica. Brindisi has also awarded the village $125,000 for safety and facility improvements to the Flagg Street Playground and the Grove Place Little League Field.

“The Old Town Hall building has been the site of a court facility for 203 of the past 211 years,” Brindisi said. “Today it looks much as it did in the 19th century.  Its renovation will preserve an important piece of Whitesboro and the Mohawk Valley’s early history, providing the opportunity for the village to utilize it as a museum, village court, and an expanded headquarters of the Whitesboro Historical Society.”

“We are happy to have partners in government to help secure funding that betters the quality of life for our residents,” said Whitesboro Mayor Robert Friedlander. “These grants help preserve our rich history as well as providing recreation for village children as well as surrounding communities. We are very grateful to Assemblyman Brindisi and his staff for their assistance obtaining the grants.”

“Providing safe, adequate recreation facilities for young people is also a very important function of local government,” Brindisi said. “Improving handicapped accessibility; updating and repairing playground equipment and buildings; and installing fencing at the Flagg Street Playground and Village Grove Place Little League Field will ensure that children and families can enjoy these facilities for many years to come.”

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