LETTER: Election not the start or end of ambition for Central New York

To the Editor:

On Feb. 5 this year, I announced my candidacy for the Assembly’s 121st District.  Since then, I have gone up and down, back and forth through the district, sharing my ideas and what I view as exciting times ahead of us – our best days are coming.

I am a registered Democrat and pursued my party’s nomination for the 2018 general election. Although I was not successful, I was welcomed into new friends’ homes and met inspiring people all across the district and have learned a great deal during this process.

We are at a pivotal time in Central New York, our state and our country. Politics-as-usual cannot endure. The failure to invest in the future of our economy today means that our next generation of upstate New Yorkers will find it harder and harder to stay. This campaign has deepened my belief that the ideas that will turn our prospects upward are already embedded in our citizens’ collective experiences and expertise.

My goal in public discourse is to unleash the final ingredient needed for these ideas to come to life. We can do this through support from our government and not restrictive policies that position us against Albany and our friends and neighbors across the state.

We can reverse population loss, limited employment opportunities, the strangle hold of state mandates on local budgets by working together, engaging more stakeholders and creating space for innovative ideas to take shape.

We can reverse the dramatic effects of the opioid crisis by addressing all corners of the problem and through support of justice reform that allows rehabilitation, instead of a lifelong banishment from the light of society.

We can reverse the business-unfriendly climate in New York by investing in infrastructure, energy resources for the next generation and the expansion and growth of our locally owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

Yes. We. Can.

This is why I ran for office and why I am so excited for our future. The stakes could not be higher; we are protecting what is synonymous with the future: children. They have the greatest stake in what is ahead, and it is imperative that we build a pathway ahead that indeed leads to prosperity for all.

Thank you for the support, for hearing my ideas and sharing yours. I have heard you, too, and will keep listening.

The election was not the start nor the end of my ambition for Central New York.

Dan Butterman

By martha

3 thoughts on “LETTER: Election not the start or end of ambition for Central New York”
  1. Sure “we can”…that’s such a standard line…you have not one concrete idea…I think the Salka Republicans are fronting your campaign. Honna Bowen

  2. The idea that you missed is to clearly identify significant issues and problems and to engage people in the political process in a positive way. It’s typical of a negative attitude, such as yours, to label someone – ever looked up the definition of the word?
    “a classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive.”

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