Tenney endorsed by the Police Conference of New York

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Tenney endorsed by the Police Conference of New York

Claudia Tenney says she has consistently fought for law enforcement officials and announced she has received the endorsement from the Police Conference of New York.

“Claudia Tenney is the law and order candidate,” , said President of the Police Conference of New York, Richard Wells. “In Congress, she has always stood up to support our men and women in blue. She’s successfully delivered important funding for equipment upgrades for local police departments and the resources we need to keep our communities and families safe.

“The Police Conference of New York proudly endorses Claudia Tenney’s candidacy for the United States House of Representatives.”

“Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line each day to keep our families safe,” Tenney said. “We are all grateful for their service and sacrifice and it is a distinct honor to receive this endorsement. In Congress, I’ve been a staunch advocate for law enforcement, and fought tirelessly to secure federal funding that provides our law enforcement with the best resources possible to keep our communities safe and secure our border. I will continue to be a strong voice for our state and local law enforcement officials.”

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