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012519 08:53 a.m.: After some sleuthing the past couple of days, Captain Michael Teneyck of Troop T out of Syracuse tracked down the the guy who stopped to help me earlier this week.

Thanks go to Trooper Dylan Goodrich and a friend who saw the post on Facebook and forwarded it to friends at the New York State Police. Thanks also to Captain Teneyck, who cared enough about his staff that he did this extra work to make sure one was appropriately recognized.

Thank you, NYSP Troop T

Martha E. Conway

I’ve recently been helping a friend who had surgery, requiring a lot of travel between Madison and Onondaga counties. Yesterday [Martin Luther King Day] was one of those days.

Anyone who lives in Central New York is painfully aware of the fairly substantial snowfall and simultaneous drop in temperatures this weekend; the wind-chill factors rivaled my hometown in northern Minnesota.

Eight miles from my Thruway exit yesterday about 11 a.m., a truck passed me and covered my windshield…which almost immediately froze over. I reached to hit my wipers, which smeared everything before handily freezing in place. I hit my flashers and carefully moved to the shoulder, knowing there was no way I was going to be able to drive blindly to the exit where I could pull off safely.

As I waited for a break in traffic so I could jump out, a trooper appeared out of nowhere and didn’t just make it a little safer for this maneuver, but actually helped me clear the ice and make sure the wipers were working again.

I’m sorry I didn’t get your name, and I know I thanked you yesterday, but I wanted to do so publicly.

From the chick in the red SUV, thanks for being there.

Editor’s note: Martha E. Conway is a Lenox resident and publisher of the Madison County Courier. She can be reached at 315.813.0124 or

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