Urges Town Board to Update Code of Ethics

To the Editor:

(Town of Madison, NY – April 2013) Like many of my neighbors in the Town of Madison, I am concerned that the ineptitude shown recently by our Town Board, and the mysterious ways of our Planning Board, are signs of deeper problems in governance. I urge our Supervisor, the Town of Madison […]

Workshop ‘Hot Potato’ a bit of March Madness

To the Editor:

(Madison, NY – March 2013) I am dismayed and alarmed at the failure of Madison’s Planning and Town Boards to take any meaningful action regarding the revised Wind Law submitted to the Planning Board in mid-January by the Wind Advisory Committee, a committee established by the Town Board.

Despite numerous questions raised […]

Yet Another Corporate Invasion on the Horizon; Public Hearing in Madison is Feb. 16

Think Local

By Chris Hoffman

(Town of Madison, Hamilton, NY – Feb. 2012) If you live anywhere near the northern hills of Hamilton in the southeast section of the Town of Madison, you might want to pay attention. A proposed wind farm is poised for approval by the […]