To the Editor:

(Madison, NY – March 2013) Opinion Your VoiceI am dismayed and alarmed at the failure of Madison’s Planning and Town Boards to take any meaningful action regarding the revised Wind Law submitted to the Planning Board in mid-January by the Wind Advisory Committee, a committee established by the Town Board.

Despite numerous questions raised by residents at the February and March meetings of the Planning and Town Boards, there has been no public discussion by Town officials of the Committee’s Summary Report or of the proposed Wind Law. Despite several attempts by Planning Board Chair Roger Williams to schedule a workshop for this discussion, no date has been set. First it was to be a Planning Board workshop, then it was to be a joint workshop of the Boards, now, at the March Town Board meeting, Supervisor Bono has lobbed the workshop “hot potato” back to the Planning Board. Oh, and just to make this game of Hot Potato more interesting, Supervisor Bono declared at the February Board meeting that the Wind Advisory Committee would not be allowed to participate in the workshop.

This would be comical, if it was not so disturbing. As we move into the third month of NO ACTION and the tenth month of the one-year moratorium, Madison’s elected and appointed officials are engaged in their own bit of March Madness, a game of workshop Hot Potato. Unfortunately, the biggest losers of this game are the Town’s residents, denied an open, honest discussion on an issue of significant impact on everyone’s future.

Pamela M. Fuller, Town of Madison 

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