Planning Board’s Workshop is a Sham

To the Editor:

(Town of Madison, NY – April 2013) The Madison Planning Board’s workshop to consider the Wind Advisory Committee’s proposed wind law was not only a sham, it was also profoundly depressing. I was naïve.

I believed that the hard work of the Committee would be appreciated. I was (and still am) proud […]

No Confidence in Bono’s Leadership

To the Editor:

(Madison, NY – March 2013) As an advocate of wind power, but worried about having gigantic industrial machinery around peoples’ homes, I’ve heard talk that Town of Madison public servants, people we elected, are not acting on a “wind law” to protect our Town. So I read the proposed law, and attended […]

Workshop ‘Hot Potato’ a bit of March Madness

To the Editor:

(Madison, NY – March 2013) I am dismayed and alarmed at the failure of Madison’s Planning and Town Boards to take any meaningful action regarding the revised Wind Law submitted to the Planning Board in mid-January by the Wind Advisory Committee, a committee established by the Town Board.

Despite numerous questions raised […]

Madison Planning Board to review Wind Advisory Committee’s Facilities Law

To the Editor:

(Madison, NY – March 2013) The Town of Madison Planning Board has accepted the Wind Advisory Committee’s proposed Wind Power Facilities Law for review.

The law is intended to permit wind development while requiring setbacks that are adequate to protect people who do not want to live in the shadows, or with […]

Wind Advisory Committee ‘Officially Discharged’

Proposed Wind Power Facilities Law Now Before Planning Board

By Chris Hoffman

(Madison, NY- Feb. 2013) On Feb. 6, at the regular meeting of the Planning Board of the Town of Madison, Roger Williams, Chairman of the Wind Advisory Committee and also Chairman of the Planning Board, presented a proposed Wind Power Facilities Law and […]

Wind Advisory Committee to Issue Report

To present at next planning board meeting Feb. 6

Submitted by Jane Welsh

(Madison, NY – Feb. 2013) Last summer, the Town of Madison adopted a law enacting a one year moratorium on the issuance of permits for the construction of wind power facilities in the Town in order to re-evaluate the Town’s existing wind […]