To present at next planning board meeting Feb. 6

Submitted by Jane Welsh

(Madison, NY – Feb. 2013) Last summer, the Town of Madison adopted a law enacting a one year moratorium on the issuance of permits for the construction of wind power facilities in the Town in order to re-evaluate the Town’s existing wind power regulations.  This moratorium law directed the Town Planning Board to appoint a Wind Advisory Committee to gather information and make recommendations to the Planning Board.

The Wind Advisory Committee has completed its work.  The Committee has concluded that “the development of wind power is a laudable goal that can bring revenue to the Town.”  On the other hand, “this development has the potential to do harm.”   The Committee unanimously agreed that proper siting of any wind project is of the utmost importance.

The Committee’s Report and a proposed Wind Power Facilities Law for the Town of Madison will be presented to the Town Planning Board for its review and action at the Board’s next regular meeting on Feb. 6 at 7 p.m.  The proposed law represents an attempt to protect the Town’s residential areas while, at the same time, permitting development in areas where landowners desire, or do not object to, the siting of large turbines on or near their property.

Copies of the Committee’s Report and the proposed Wind Power Facilities Law for the Town of Madison will be available at the Planning Board meeting on Feb. 6.  These documents will also be posted on the Town website at promptly after the meeting.


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