Grandmother Determined to keep ‘Way of Life’

Town of Nelson resident Miriam Barrows is shown with her “Grandmothers Against Fracking” sign. Barrows traveled by bus with other Madison County residents to Albany to show their support against “hydrofracking.”

(Nelson, Albany, NY – Jan. 2013) Town of Nelson resident Miriam Barrows and others were in Albany Jan. 9 for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State […]

Expects Nelson to be More Responsive than Sullivan

To the Editor:

(Erieville, NY – Oct. 2012) In your Sept. 19 article, “Anti-Drilling Contingent Returns,” Sullivan Supervisor John Becker is quoted as saying, ‘We are watching these other towns as they do all the work, and they could have a stack of documentation this high [holding hands about 18 inches apart], and the state […]

Volunteers sought for Nelson Petition

(Town of Nelson, NY – July 2012) Volunteer residents of the town of Nelson are sought to do a petition signing for a one-year moratorium against “fracking” oil and gas drilling.

A program will be held July 9 at 7 p.m. at the Erieville Fire Department by a group that recently visited Bradford County, Pa.