Upset in Lenox

Martha E. Conway

(Madison County) Unofficial results in Tuesday’s election have longtime Lenox Supervisor Rocco J. “Rocky” DiVeronica down about 230 votes before absentee ballots are received and counted. Sources say there are about half that many absentee ballots out.


Lewandowski to be Honored

Madison Cortland ARC news

(Oneida, NY – Oct. 2012) The Madison Cortland ARC and the Building Futures Foundation will be honoring Ray Lewandowski for his 40 years of service at Madison Cortland ARC with a special event Friday, Oct. 12, at the Kallet Civic Center in Oneida.

“Casino Rayale” will be held with proceeds benefiting […]

Celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act

To the Editor:

(Oneida, NY – July 2012) Twenty-two years ago, the world, well, at least the United States, was quite a different place. In 1990 gas was $1.34 a gallon, women wore oversized sweaters and slouch socks, cellphones were called car phones, a favorite movie may have been Home Alone, Goodfellas or Edward Scissorhands, […]