Town of Lebanon: Survey Prompts Responses

(Town of Lebanon, NY – March 2013) Town of Lebanon residents are responding to the town-wide survey mailed out by the Comprehensive Planning Committee to all landowners and registered voters in the town. The survey is designed to discover what residents and landowners think are the most important priorities for the Town of Lebanon’s future.


Lebanon: Comprehensive Plan Survey Coming Soon

Submitted by Gary Will

(Town of Lebanon, NY – Jan. 2013) This February, a survey will be sent to landowners and residents in Lebanon to learn what people think about issues related to the town and its future, such as recreation opportunities, agriculture, environment, hydrofracking, senior housing and community services. The survey results will provide […]

Lebanon Town Board to Discuss Code Enforcement, Highway, Solar Energy Issues and Public Input on Proposed Road Plan

(Town of Lebanon, NY – April 2012) Lebanon town board members will be reviewing the status of code enforcement in the Town of Lebanon with Code Enforcement Officer Matt Van Heusen at the Monday, April 9 monthly meeting of the Town Board at the Smith Valley Community Center in Randallsville on River Road in the […]