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(Town of Lebanon, NY – Jan. 2013) This February, a survey will be sent to landowners and residents in Lebanon to learn what people think about issues related to the town and its future, such as recreation opportunities, agriculture, environment, hydrofracking, senior housing and community services. The survey results will provide guidance to the town as it considers these topics and other questions related to local government and land use.

In August 2011, the Lebanon Town Board began appointing a committee of volunteers to coordinate this planning effort. Susan Galbraith, head of the Comprehensive Planning Committee says all of the committee members have been careful not to promote their own opinions. She said their job is to seek out ideas and beliefs from residents and landowners.

One way to accomplish that is to send out a town-wide survey.

The survey will be sent to each landowner and resident whose address can be identified from voter registration and property tax information. People receiving the survey will have three weeks to complete and return it.

Postage will be provided.

The committee’s goal is to send one survey per household. If a household does not receive a survey or if more than one person in the house wants to fill out the survey, additional copies will be available at the office of Town Clerk Nicole Viera (315.837.4220) and on the town’s website at

Surrounding towns like Smyrna, Brookfield and Hamilton have completed the comprehensive planning process. They too, have asked for public input and have had a great response. Ms. Galbraith says every response we get will help any plan be more complete and a better reflection of public opinion, which is important for the years ahead.

People with questions or ideas can communicate with any committee members: Susan Galbraith, Julie Hammer, Penny Hughes, Jack King, Patty Matson, Jim McDowell, Chadwick Nower, Matt Powrie and myself. The survey should be sent out by the middle of February. Every household will be sent a postcard to alert people that the survey is coming; this should help to increase the response rate.

Gary Will is volunteer publicist for the Lebanon Comprehensive Plan Committee.

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