LETTER: Supports Darby for Hamilton council

To the Editor:

I have written this letter to express my endorsement of Peter Darby for Hamilton Town Council.

I have known Peter since 1982. Peter raised Welsh Black cattle and as a middle and high school student, I helped him around his farm and home; throwing hay, fixing fence, and doing chores. I remember Peter continually studying and researching the raising of cattle. This was evident as year to year his operation would change and improve.

The Darbys farm was the first farm I saw switch from square to round bales, from barbed to high-tensile wire and to rotational grazing. Peter continually worked to improve efficiency.

Recently, I worked with Peter on the town’s comprehensive plan. I was reminded of Peter’s thoughtfulness and eagerness to understand the issues and the process. He listened more than spoke.

In his tenure as Councilman, he has tackled difficult issues including the town’s budget process and SOMAC’s reorganization. He has supported the Partnership for Community Development, which, over the last two years, has received in excess of $1,000,000 in grants to support local business, help low-income homeowners and contribute to local vitality.

I support Peter Darby and trust his judgment as town councilman.

Travis DuBois, Poolville

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