April 27 named as town-wide cleanup day

Jim Goldstein, Lebanon Supervisor

Lebanon town board members set April 8 for public comment on the town’s tentative road repair plan for 2019, authorized a bond anticipation note of up to $79,000 for its new payloader and established Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 9 a.m. to noon as Town-wide Cleanup Day in the town at the monthly meeting March 11 at the Town Office.

The 2019 plan proposed by Town Highway Superintendent Alex Hodge is attached but includes $82,000 for General Repairs – Jantzen Road, $35,000 for oil and stone, Bastain Road, $25,000 for oil and stone and road patch, $22,000. Potential state Consolidated Highway Improvement Program projects that are subject to funding by the state Legislature include $152,487 to complete repairs of Briggs Road and start repairs of Betts Road.

Town officials set April 27, 2019, for the annual Town-wide Cleanup Day and the Madison County Landfill will be providing two dumpsters for roadside trash that is gathered and Lebanon will continue the practice of allowing each household to turn in two bags of roadside trash, recyclables, one household furniture item and will also collect allowable landfill items that are normally charged for or have limits including tires, refrigerators, humidifiers, etc.

All electronics and computers will no longer be collected during cleanup day and must be taken to Lojo Technology in Oneida, due to an absence of state funding to fund the recycling of these items.

Supervisor Jim Goldstein encouraged community groups, lake associations and churches to use this day as an opportunity to schedule and sponsor events to coincide and to bring the trash they collect to the town for disposal as part of a town-wide cleanup effort.

Town board members unanimously approved a bond anticipation note for up to $79,000 to cover the cost of a new 2019 John Deere 624L wheel loader state bid at $179,629.02 minus the trade in price of $95,000 for a used 2013 John Deere 624K wheel loader.

Town officials also authorized utilizing $30,000 in equipment budget funds in the 2019 town budget to reduce the amount of the bond anticipation note to $49,000. The town will pay off its remaining new Stadium International truck in April.

In other actions at the monthly meeting, town board members:

  • Affirmed the Court Clerk appointment of Polly Salm to the Justice Court and set her hourly salary at $11.50 NYS Office of Court Administration is now mandating court clerks in all towns.
  • Designated Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association as the town-designated dog control shelter.
  • Reviewed the status of several code enforcement actions.
  • Reviewed a set of proposed fee changes in building permit fees and will consider changes to fees for permits and penalties at future meetings but will first solicit public comment and feedback on any proposed changes.
  • Reviewed the status of the town’s complaint to the Attorney General’s Office with regard to Frontier Communications phone and internet service in the township and its broadband expansion. Goldstein said he had been in communication with Assemblyman John Salka and Sen. Rachel May on the town and southern Madison County concerns, particularly the way the company handled the most recent phone outage.
  • Discussed the progress of the Kriemhild butter plant expansion and extension with the state community development block grant and that Kriemhild hopes to be able to be a source for a market for smaller dairy producers in the township and region who are facing a potential loss of their milk market in June as other companies are reported to be limiting pickups to larger producers due to transportation costs. Supervisor Goldstein said he spoke with Bruce Rivington of Kriemhild about the milk market concern and Kriemhild hopes to be able to expand and work with a number of these smaller grass-fed producers who face a potential loss of their market.
  • Discussed justice grant obtained by Justice Brian Forsythe that will be used to fund some courtroom renovations this spring.
  • Reviewed status of Land Management Local Law changes that are being considered and reviewed by new town attorney. Changes the town board agreed on included language changes, reduction of road frontage from 70 feet to 40 feet for construction and building and to alter language that town law is in compliance with and makes references to the constantly changing state Uniform Fire and Building Code. Town officials will also suggest some other changes for consideration that will include prior notification to neighbors for construction or logging operations given recent reports of problems with boundary disputes due to a lack of prior notice and a review of existing surveys or obtaining surveys to resolve boundary disputes before construction or logging began, and a change in certain code violation penalties. Any proposed changes would be brought back before the public for feedback and comments before any action would be taken. Town board members, after holding a public hearing on proposed changers last year, will not consider adopting proposed changes that would include allowing more homes per building lot, will not change mobile home park guidelines and will not allow seasonal campers or other types of seasonal residences to be granted year-round status.
  • Discussed truck leasing options for next round of new truck purchases. Town officials have reviewed a lease purchase agreement option with Mack under state bid that includes a purchase price of $214,655.63 and five or six year payment plan options vs. a new proposal by Stadium International under county bid of $200,723 and the price includes a seven year engine and after treatment warranty and 60 months of towing coverage and a five year financing package. Stadium representation Robert Carson, municipal sales manager, appeared at the March 11 meeting and discussed his proposal and desire to continue to do business with Lebanon. The town is looking at other truck options due to the significant repair costs and problems it has had with the Stadium International Trucks that the town has been acquiring on state bid since 2002. Supervisor Goldstein said that the trucks that used to last 20 years now only last 10 years for twice the price and maintenance, and the town has had to replace truck boxes and seen a significant spike in parts and repair costs. Town officials will continue to discuss options as more neighboring municipalities are acquiring Macks, which are more expensive but have lower maintenance costs and a much more reliable motor. Carson said the new International has a new tested motor that is seen as a big improvement over their older models.
  • Discussed direct deposit options for employees seeking to utilize this service.
  • Reviewed Madison County updates which include completion of $22 million courthouse project, school safety officer initiative and plans by county to build a new highway garage in the southern end of the county.

The town board will meet again at 7:30 p.m. April 8 at the New Life Community Center in Randallsville, where public comments will be taken on the attached road repair plan, which could change as more information on local road conditions emerges.

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