To the Editor:

“I work for the residents” is how Randy Weaver described his job with the village of Hamilton. On April 30, Randy retired from his position as crew chief for the village of Hamilton Department of Public Works and as a part-time Hamilton police officer.

How often have residents and visitors stood enamored at the appearance of the manicured village green, or stood in awe at the condition of the Eaton Street athletic fields, or marveled at the promptness of snow removal from our streets and sidewalks, or wondered what happened to the tree limbs and broken water heaters that were at curbside yesterday, or traveled our roads and wished in their hometowns streets were as smooth and pothole free? Or helped bring divergent interests to find a common ground for the benefit of all?

How many communities our size have a better fleet of vehicles, many that were purchased used and then reconditioned by our own mechanics? How many communities of our size have up-to-date maintenance and storage facilities, built mainly by the DPW team, similar to what exists at the Milford Street compound?

Having had the privilege of being a trustee during several years of Randy’s employment, I know firsthand what Randy has meant to this village. As a resident, and hopefully representing many other residents, to Randy and his wife Karen, thank you for your service, loyalty and dedication to the village of Hamilton.

Sam Cooper, Hamilton

By martha

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