New Public Entrance Opens at Madison County Complex

Beginning Monday, June 10, 2019, any member of the public wishing to enter the Madison County Office Building or the Madison County Courthouse will have to use the new entryway. 

The new single point of entry can be found between the two buildings.  Visitors will enter through the doors that are below the new metal sign that reads “Madison County”.  Once they enter the building they can either go left to enter the County Office Building or to the right to County Courthouse.  The County Office Building houses the DMV, Real Property, County Attorney, Treasurers, Board of Elections, the Clerk’s Office, Planning, Personnel, Emergency Management, Historian, Information Technology, Public Defender, Purchasing, Veterans Agency and the Board of Supervisors office. 

Members of the public wishing to enter the Courthouse will be subject to screening.  The County is currently reviewing implementing a screening process as well.  Once that is in place we will update the public.  One of the reasons for the new single point of entry is to increase security.  “The safety of our residents and our staff are top priority,” said Madison County Board Chairman John M. Becker.

For more information, visit or call 315.366.2822.

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