Salka: Assembly Dems give ‘green light’ to give illegals drivers licenses

Assemblyman John Salka

Assemblyman John Salka (R,C,Ref-Brookfield) today announced that Assembly Democrats voted to give undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses. The bill, which passed the Assembly Transportation Committee today, is the first step on the road to giving illegals driver’s licenses and granting them the privileges of law-abiding citizens. Salka is concerned about breaking federal law along with the implications of granting an official government document to an undocumented immigrant.

61% of New Yorkers oppose giving illegals driver’s licenses, and Salka believes the Assembly Democrats are abdicating the duty of the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers.

“I’m really concerned with the nature of this vote,” Salka said. “Instead of paving a path to grant these undocumented immigrants citizenship, we’re bypassing that route entirely and giving them the privileges of a law-abiding citizen. We should be addressing the actual immigration issue itself rather than putting on second-hand Band-Aids that would provide no real solution to this crisis.”

Assemblyman John Salka represents the 121st Assembly District, encompasses all of Madison County and portions of Oneida and Otsego counties.

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