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The Madison County Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and Chairman John M. Becker held a meeting this morning to address the concerns they heard from 911 communicators and First Responders at the Public Meeting held last night. This morning the Committee resolved to implement immediately Phases 1 and 2 of Winbourne Consulting’s recommendations.  Please see a link to the study here.

“What we heard last night from our 911 staff and the First Responders in Madison County was very helpful in guiding us in our way ahead,” said Chairman Becker. “We want them to know that the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee heard you and we are ready to work with you to move forward implementing the recommendations of Winbourne Consulting.  That is why we called a meeting this morning.”

At the Public Meeting held at Chittenango High School on June 27, 2019 Winbourne Consulting delivered its examination of the feasibility of Madison and Onondaga Counties merging 911 Centers.  During that meeting 911 communicators and First Responders talked about their concerns with a possible merger and also issues they are facing today. 

Phase 1 and 2 include applying new policies and procedures within the Madison County 911 Center and creating new positions.  The Committee went above Winbourne’s recommendations and created 5 positions that include communicator and supervisory positions.  The Committee also moved to bring in consultants to immediately improve the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and to implement new policies and procedures. 

“These operational changes will improve 911 operations in Madison County, in the end resulting in improved First Responder safety and the safety of the public,” said Ted Halpin, Director of Madison County Emergency Management.

“We want our employees and our residents to know that public safety is the Committee’s top priority,” continued Chairman Becker. “We value the hard work our 911 communicators do day in and day out.  That is why we are making the implementation of the changes laid out in Phases 1 and 2 our top priority, and why a full consolidation with Onondaga County will not be on the table at this time.”

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