Route 20 Road Challenge Series celebrating 20 years

The Road Challenge Series, created in 2000 by Route 20 Association member Bill Kwasienewski, was intended to promote 5K races and tourism along the Route 20 Scenic Byway. The Byway is the 108-mile stretch of Route 20 running between Duanesburg to LaFayette.

Seven races were held the first year. This year, there are 24. Prizes are awarded for participants who complete 5, 8 or 11 races. A small promotional fee of 50 cents per runner is charged to each race to pay for advertising and prizes.

Bill Kosina of Richfield Springs joined Series Coordinator Craig L. North as assistant coordinator in 2002. It was Kosina’s idea to have a relay race along the Scenic Byway to recognize the 20th anniversary.

On Aug. 17, 2019, at 5:30 a.m., runners will line up in LaFayette in the west and Duanesburg in the east to run a relay, meeting in the afternoon at Cleaver’s BBQ in West Winfield to commemorate this special date.

With almost 50 participants, this will definitely be an event to remember; for the complete schedule of races, visit

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  • Terri Woodford

    I’m so glad to have been able to be part of this! We had a great time yesterday! There was such a positive vibe, so much comraderie & encouragement, which is truly what this whole group is about!

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