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Hello everybody. Bar-20 and Eatonbrook are going to try a long-range match at 10 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 15. This is an experiment in who would like to shoot and how to actually run the match.

There will not be any charge to shoot, and you may shoot more than once. We have some ideas and would like some more input. At present, the shooter will be shooting 100 and 200 yards at steel silhouette targets. They are large. The guns we would like to shoot are guns from a past era. The guns that you may have bought years ago and wanted to shoot. We are asking for guns with model year prior to 1896. At the bottom there is a list of examples; remember many of your lever-actions fit this criteria – 1894 Marlins, 1895 Marlins, 1894 Winchesters, etc.

Also, muzzle loaders with Hawkens and Kentucky long rifles. The only thing we ask is that bullets must be cast lead only: No jacketed or full-metal jacket bullets, so the targets will not be destroyed.

Eye and ear protection is mandatory.

There will be a safety meeting at about 9:45 a.m.

If you do not have a rifle that fits, you may want to come and see many of the fine rifles; some shooters may have some extra ammo and let you give it a try. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.

Examples of originals or reproductions pre-1896 include Ballard, Buck, Bullard, Cole, Farrow, Maynard, Peabody, Redfield, Remington Hepburn, Remington Rolling Block, Sharps, Springfield Trapdoor, Stevens Tip-up, Stevens No. 44, Wesson Falling Block, Wesson (hinged barrel), Whitney Phoenix, Whitney Rolling Block, Winchester 1885 and Wurfflein; Browning Model 1878, Browning Model 1885, C. Sharps ‘75, Falling Block Works, Stevens 44 1/2 and Wickliff ‘76.

For a map to the club, click HERE.

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