From Monday, Aug. 26, 2019, through Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019, members of the state police held an enforcement campaign focusing on aggressive behaviors of commercial motor vehicle operators. Members of the state police Commercial Vehicle Unit, Traffic Incident Management Team and uniform members ticketed operators for speed, unsafe lane changes, following too closely and distracted driving.

The campaign focused on roadways across the state including:


  • State Route 17/I-86 in Troops A, C, E and F
  • I-81 in Troops C and D
  • I-84 in Troops F and K
  • I-88 in Troops C and G


  • I-684 in Troop K
  • I-495 in Troop L
  • Downstate section of I-87 for Troop T.

In addition to focusing on aggressive driving during the downstate detail, state police conducted commercial vehicle road checks at various locations in the New York City metropolitan area.

The purpose of the detail and road checks are to reduce the number of commercial vehicle crashes, ensuring motor carriers are in compliance with commercial vehicle safety standards, regulations, financial responsibility and registration requirements of the United States, as well as ensuring drivers of those vehicles are qualified and properly licensed.

As a result, over the three-day period, state police conducted 1,025 Inspections, issued 42 tickets for speed, 26 tickets for seat belt violations, five tickets for unsafe lane change, 265 other moving violations and 352 tickets for non-moving violations.

During the detail, 258 commercial vehicles were taken out of service during the inspections.

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