To the Editor:

I very much agree with a letter I recently received from the Tenney for Congress Campaign. She states while Anthony Brindisi is in Washington cozying up to the D.C. elite and liberal billionaires, she has been busy talking to Upstate New Yorkers about the real issues that concern them.

Time and time again, Anthony Brindisi has proven that he doesn’t support Upstate New York values. He’s voted to allow taxpayer-funded abortions, delay construction on the border wall, take away our Second Amendment rights and now is part of the impeach President Trump farce. While he may want voters to believe he’s bipartisan, his voting record tells a different story. Anthony Brindisi votes with President Trump less than Nancy Pelosi, AOC and even Adam Schiff. He has shown to be more in line with the far-left, socialist Democrats than he is with President Trump and his 22nd Congressional district. We deserve a representative who will fight for us and bring Upstate values to Washington. Time to put Claudia Tenney back in that Congressional seat come 2020.

James Zecca, Utica

By martha

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