LETTER: Supports drive-up mailbox proposal

To the Editor:

The Hamilton Village Board recently joined with the Hamilton Post Office to approve a proposal for a driver’s side drive-up mailbox at the municipal parking lot. It will serve the community during periods of inclement weather. It will answer the need to accommodate senior citizens. It will benefit those with mobility limitations. It will enable parents with children in car seats to remain with their children when mailing letters. It will also mitigate safety issues at the current Broad Street outdoor mailbox:

  1. Reduce illegal parking in the no parking spaces
  2. Reduce the illegal parking in the Post Office driveway
  3. Reduce the number of pedestrians crossing Route 12B, resulting in frequent traffic backups
  4. Minimize slipping and falling in the street and sidewalk due to snow or rain
  5. Improve safety when the center of the road warning display is removed for plowing

U.S.P.S. regulations prohibit collection boxes on private property. The regulations also require mailbox locations consider user safety. Postmaster Brian Stone and U.S.P.S. officials in Albany determined the municipal parking lot entrance driveway behind the village office meets these criteria. Accessibility during the snow plowing season will be provided as part of the existing DPW plowing of the municipal lot. Mail pickup will be six days a week. The existing box outside the post office will continue to be available.

This effort involved support from many. Bob Cornell initially brought this need to my attention. Dick Cheshire urged the trustees to approve the proposal. Former Postmaster Joanne Sullivan provided the historical perspective. Many who became aware of the proposal provided motivation to see the project to a successful conclusion.

Thank you to Brian Stone for his steadfast commitment and for gaining approval from USPS Albany to pay all costs. Thank you to Village Administrator Jim Stokes for his support and guidance. Thank you to the Hamilton Village trustees and mayor for your unanimous vote to support the proposal. This is a win-win-win outcome. Unfortunately, the approval process extended the installation timeline and will delay its availability until better weather arrives.

Sam Cooper, Eaton Street

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