To the Editor:

Thanks to Corey Mosher for coming up with a novel way to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Corey recently set up a GoFundMe account “…to raise funds to purchase meals from local restaurants and offer those meals to the wonderful staff at Community Memorial Hospital in Hamilton…”

Thanks to the generosity of many community members, Corey’s initiative is now almost completely funded. 

As the COVID19 epidemic sweeps the nation, our hospital staff members continue to put themselves at risk. Every day, these “soldiers” on the front line of attack are suffering undue stress. They are true heroes, and the comfort from this organized attempt will certainly bolster their spirits.

We are fortunate to have a hospital to serve our community. Many small, rural hospitals have been forced to close their doors, as national policies push for consolidation of services. This pandemic has illuminated the need for more, rather than fewer, hospitals.

To protect our valuable resource, we need leaders who understand the complicated pressures on our beleaguered healthcare system. When the dust has settled on the war against this unseen enemy, we will have a choice to make in the voting booth. Corey Mosher is a man with new ideas at a time with unusual problems to solve. He is running for the chance to become the next state Assemblyman for the 121st District. I hope you’ll join me in voting for someone who is willing and able to do the necessary work in Albany to keep the doors of our beloved institution open.

Until then, please consider making a donation to help our hospital weather the storm. Follow THIS LINK and give today.

Deborah Zahn, Hamilton

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