Brindisi: For too long, companies like Spectrum and their friends in Washington have under-delivered and over-charged

Congressman Anthony Brindisi continued his battle with big cable companies like Spectrum by securing key transparency and accountability measures in the House-passed infrastructure legislation. Brindisi inserted two amendments to HR 2, the Moving Forward Act, to hold cable companies accountable and increase transparency and competition.

“We need to shrink the rural-urban divide in this country for our infrastructure and a strong investment in rural broadband is a good first step,” Brindisi said. “For too long, companies like Spectrum and their friends in Washington have under-delivered and over-charged. This bill will increase competition, create transparency and hold these cable giants accountable.”

On the floor of the House, Brindisi secured two major changes to strengthen measures designed to hold cable companies’ feet to the fire. The legislation creates an Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth to oversee all federal dollars allocated for broadband expansion.

Brindisi’s amendments expanded the office’s mission to look into monopolistic business practices by broadband service providers, so companies like Spectrum could face increased competition in the marketplace.

Additionally, Brindisi secured changes to ensure cable companies are delivering the download and upload speeds required by federal programs when they receive taxpayer investment to connect new homes.

“Spectrum and their army of lobbyists have tried to use their friends in Washington to bankroll their business,” Brindisi added. “So I worked hard to deliver these changes to build out our broadband infrastructure and hold Spectrum accountable.”

The legislation also delivers strong investment in broadband technology among other infrastructure priorities for Brindisi. In addition to $80 billion in broadband investment, Brindisi secured a provision championing New York’s 22nd industry and infrastructure projects. including expanding loan programs for electric buses like the ones built at Endicott’s BAE facility.

In an effort to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure and kick-start its economy, the legislation authorizes federal spending on roads, bridges, water systems and more. Earlier this month, Brindisi introduced broadband infrastructure legislation that is incorporated into this bill.

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