Sovena, one of the largest olive oil companies in the world and the U.S., has kept its doors open during the global coronavirus pandemic. Being a food product manufacturing facility deemed essential, it has continued bottling olive oils, vegetable oils and specialty oils in its Rome plant, which are distributed throughout the U.S.

While restaurants around the country were shut down – and many not back to full capacity, people are finding themselves cooking at home now more than ever. With its team of essential employees in production, warehouse and shipping, Sovena has been able to meet the growing needs of at-home consumption.

With this increased demand, Sovena is in need of additional personnel, looking to fill 20 open positions in its oil team, production and warehouse facilities. These full-time positions include health benefits, paid time off and profit-sharing.

The Rome-based company is one of the largest private-label suppliers in the country, packing more than 50 percent of all store-brand olive oil, as well as distributing the retail brand Olivari Olive Oil and Foodservice brands Olivari Chef’s Selection, GEM and Tri-Fri. Sovena is proud to be a part of this growing community and of its dedicated local employees who have been with the company for many years.

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