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Although the temperature was in the 90s, there were approximately 50 people in attendance for the Hamilton Area Anti-Racism Coalition-sponsored anti-racism workshop at the beautiful Camp Fiver pavilion in Poolville.

For everyone’s safety, social distancing was maintained and all wore masks.

Well known anti-racism trainer Patrick Johnson led the workshop.

“I call my seminars ‘workshops’ because changing the attitudes of racism is hard work,” Johnson said. “Learning about racism and becoming anti-racist is a lifetime endeavor.”

For many, this workshop was just a beginning; for some, it was a continuance of their education.

Patrick conveyed insights about white privilege and structural racism. Also, the open discussion format allowed many participants to share their own meaningful stories of racism.

Johnson received a standing ovation.

The workshop wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of The Central New York Community Foundation, St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Life Long Learning, Dean of the College Office Colgate University, The National Abolition Hall of fame and Museum, Fiver Children’s Foundation, First Baptist Church, Park Methodist Church, Hamilton Bible Fellowship, The Bell Tree, The Hamilton Interfaith Service Group and Madison Chenango Call to Action, as well as many personal contributions.

For more information about HAARC, visit the Hamilton Area Anti-Racism Coalition Facebook page or

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