To the Editor:

After nearly seven months of being shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Madison County Health Department declared the Community Wellness Center has met all requirements to reopen. The MCHD confirmed that the CWC safety plan that identified using MERV-13 air cleaning filters, increasing circulation of fresh air with intake and exhaust fans and installing an ultraviolet virus removal system in the heating and air conditioning system, exceed the mandated improvements for the air quality standard set by the state.

The Community Wellness Center also met or exceeded all other mandated adjustments including social distancing, mandatory wearing of face coverings, limiting the number of members to less than 25 percent of capacity when working out, increasing the frequency for sanitizing equipment and alternating use of equipment. The safety plan successfully addressed the wide range of needs for CWC members.

The Board of Governors received guidance in developing the safety plan from the infectious disease and facilities departments of the Community Memorial Hospital, the parent organization of the CWC. Their expertise and knowledge of the COVID-19 virus gave insight to a standard of care typically expected in a medical setting. The same sanitizing and cleaning products used in CMH will be used in the CWC. Additionally, the same company that services CMH will install the ultraviolet system.

We anticipate reopening Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020.

If you are interested in membership, stop by after Oct. 1 for an application and tour of the facility. We are located in the S&S Appliance Plaza across from McDonald’s in Hamilton. For more information, call 315.825.0163.

Sam Cooper, member, CWC Board of Governors

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