Meet big and handsome Ronnie! Yes! Sweet Ronnie is still with us and in need of his forever home. Transferring to us from another rescue facility back in June of 2020, this living large boy, is 1 year old and a whole lot of dog. Experience with BIG breed dogs like Ronnie would be a must for this American Bulldog.

Ronnie is a hulk of a dog with strong muscles and a sure work out when taking him for a walk or leading him out into your yard for a day of play. He can be a little shy meeting new people but, once he’s comfortable with you he takes pleasure in getting that attention. Ronnie likes to work hard and play hard. After he winds down from playing fetch or a game of tug-o-war, he is ready for a good cuddle.

Ronnie still has a high prey drive with small animals such as cats and can get over stimulated by other dogs. Due to this, the staff knows he would do best in a home as the only pet or a large dog his size and, in the company of children 15 years or older. He also likes to have his bowl of food to himself, no sharing from Ronnie. A home that has experience with this is preferred.

Ronnie is trying his hardest to please and do better on a leash and is making great improvements! But he still exhibits his strength when being walked. He also still gets very over excited when he sees other dogs on his walks.

Ronnie is definitely all puppy and curious about anything new. More training will be a condition of his adoption and he will flourish in a home ready for the challenge. If you think you have the right home and time for Ronnie, stop by the shelter and visit! You’ll be glad you did.

**Bonded brother and sister pair**

Beautiful Bella has found herself at the shelter not once, but twice now. She was brought to us as a kitten along with her brother Neko when their owner could no longer care for them. They were adopted and spent six years in a loving home, but sadly their owner passed away recently. Now, this brother sister duo are looking to find the perfect home to spend the rest of their days.

Bella is the more outgoing of the two, and is a huge sweetheart who loves attention. We believe these two will make wonderful pets for the right person. They would prefer a home on the quiet side, without young children or dogs or other cats.

They also need an owner who is committed to helping them lose weight, as they are both quite plump.

But if you’re looking for a pair of sweet, loving kitties, please come down and meet Neko and Bella.

For more information, visit, visit 6247 Lamphear Road, Rome, or call 315.336.7070.

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