Rebate offered after server-training policy is implemented

Training for Intervention Procedures is a skills-based training program designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking and drunken driving. TiPS can be offered to on-premise and off-premise establishments. Employees and managers who participate are able to spot underage drinkers and prevent sales to minors, recognize signs of intoxication and many other skills needed to run a safe and legal establishment.

Now available online, eTIPS training is a self-paced, innovative approach to alcohol-server training. The course allows participants to obtain the training anywhere, anytime.

BRiDGES, Madison County Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc., is offering $10 off each course taken once a server training policy is implemented, agreeing to train employees and managers in TiPS. We have one establishment in Madison County that has signed a server training policy.

BRiDGES, Madison County Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc., is a non-profit prevention agency. BRiDGES began in 1987 with the mission is to provide community education and information on alcoholism and substance abuse and to refer those in need of services to the appropriate treatment providers. BRiDGES has since expanded its services to include youth gambling prevention, an LGBTQIA support network, suicide prevention and an employee assistance program.

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